I have long been fascinated with design, and studied 20th century architecture in college. My thesis was on Le Corbusier. And living in California allowed me to extensively photograph mid-century modern architecture. But nothing is quite as fun to photograph as the beauty and sophistication of Ibiza architecture, landscape and interior design. 

I have worked for architectural firms, real estate companies, and AirBnB. Homes in Ibiza enjoy a special providence of pine forests, pastoral farmland, rocky cliffs, sea views, and an abundance of good taste. I frankly don’t know anywhere else in the world with this concentration of beautiful homes. 

Interiors in Ibiza are no less stunning, and take design elements from around the world, because our residents are so diverse. It’s wonderful to document the owner’s artistic expression in a way that captures the feelings they experience in their home. I am adept at staging spaces, decluttering, and creating the most photogenic environments.