Having lived in several “Five Star” resort destinations, I have worked for over a decade as an event and activities photographer, capturing corporate retreats, teambuilding challenges, outdoor group experiences, parties, festivals, concerts, and conscious gatherings. I understand the importance of planning when it comes to multi-dimensional event production, with hundreds of moving parts. It’s about knowing where to capture the most meaningful moments that express the joy and good fortune of everyone being together at such a beautiful time in such a beautiful place.

It is my job to tell that story from beginning to end, the many adrenalin-filled activities, outdoor adventure, incredible dining experiences and entertainment, spontaneous moments of joy, and the many meaningful relationships and connections that are made. 

I work with hotel sales staff, Destination Marketing Companies, and corporate event planners  and know how to interact seamlessly with C-Level executives so they feel comfortable and welcoming of the lens. I know when to blend in, blend out, and bring people together. I also know how to be professional, on time, and energized to create an important visual diary for you.